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Performance Art

The Client


This project started after hearing my artists friends’ problems on how better announce their performance. They complain that they are not reaching the general public; because of this they feel they are loosing exposure and opportunities for the next performance.


The Challenge


In my initial research I found:


  • Facebook and Twitter are inadequate to reach the public, unless you are famous.
  • Most performance artist are not well know but they would like to reach more art lovers.
  • Find a way to measure public interest.
  • Little tolerance to long fill forms to sign up for an account.

Solution and Benefits

Through artists interviews, I surmised that an app is the best way to go, it offers one go-to place to announce their performance, foster public interest additionally it creates a personal relationships between the public and the artists and it becomes easy for the public to find performance artists.

Through user interviews I realized there's two types of users for this app. The artist and the seeker (the public).

This is the sign in for the Artist user. Very fast, simple with enough requirements to create an account. In my research,  artists will delay creating an account if they think it is too long to complete.

Sign in for the Seeker.


The Seekers tend to be very educated with limited time to fill out long account sign up.

This is how it would look like when the artist fill the announcement for a performance.



Brief description



My objective int his section was to make fast, simple and informative.



Through interviews with artists I realize that they often make spontaneous performances but they still want to reveal their performance to the closest seekers.


My solution to this problem is an Alert button that will send a message to the closest app. users.

With this app. if you are interested in a particular artist, you can save the artist's name for the next time, this in turn will tell the artists how many followers they have.


You can also search for other artist base on location or name.

Boston Center for the Arts

The Client


BCA is one of the institutes in charge of supporting and develop the arts in Boston, however their website is due for an update. The BCA is conveniently located in the hear of the south end the BCA is compose of the Mills Gallery, The Cylclorama, The Artist Studios and The Stanford Calderwood Pavilion.

The Challenge


The BCA’s website is in need of an update.  The content of their website also needs to be in constant update and a design that reflect the BCA’s mission to innovate the arts in Boston.


The Solution


I started designing the website beginning with the mobile version and then move on to different screens. Each section of the website is designed to promote the different venues and the artist that participating in them. For easy browsing, I designed this site so the user get all the updates about the BCA in the home, in this way the user doesn’t have to go too deep into the site to see what’s new.


BCA home page with the most recent events, so the user get most pertinent information right away

A side menu for easy access to the different section of the BCA. It make the site work more intuitively and faster.


Featured Artist: the most sought after artist appear first so the user visiting the website can get to the artist they are most interested in.


Performance Menu


 Since this section is the smallest in the BCA  I put the Menu right in the header for a faster navigation the mobile version.



If you want to contact me you can use this form or email me at


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Hi there!


My name is Jorge Herrera, and I am an Artist and UX Designer. My biggest drive is making a difference in people’s lives - to explore the human experience and understand how past experiences affect how we act, how we think, what we do now and in the future. In essence, I love finding creative solutions to problems.


I spent four years in the US Navy at the USS Eisenhower.  I learned core values like team work, always strive for excellence and never make excuses which makes me a great asset to any creative and developing team doing Agile or Scrum. The Navy instilled in me a hunger for knowledge and success. Since then I went to graduate school and earned my MFA degree in Visual Art from Tufts University. After working as a graphic designer in various organizations, I realized that I wanted to help a company reach their audience through meaningful design. I love to create new things, experiment and solve problems through the artist process.


Having a creative practice also allows me to:


  • Work with the unexpected and experiment
  • Take risks (there is no failure)
  • Deal with critique (feedback)
  • Develop a practice of creativity
  • Shape a mindset of tolerance for imperfection
  • Develop a space to create


If you are looking for someone who wants to build great user experiences, and someone who strives for beautiful design, please contact me.


Or, if you're looking for someone to join your soccer team, please get in touch. Oh yeah, did I mention I love soccer? Hala Madrid




I also have an art practice you can check it right here

Restaurant Casa Goyo

The Client


Casa Goyo is located near the airport in Santa Cruz de La Palma, Spain. It is very popular among the locals but unknown to tourists (I suspect locals prefer it that way). Its location makes it ideal for tourist arriving to the island.


One of the many good things about this restaurant is its fresh seafood, none of the frozen supermarket crap. Casa Goyo's menu is limited but absolutely delicious and very characteristic of the region.



The Challenge


I interviewed the restaurant manager about his business. In the interview I wanted to know the following:


  • Casa Goyo’s strength and weaknesses.
  • What sets Casa Goyo apart from the competition?
  • What kind of customers they usually attract?
  • What are the peak hours?


Additionally management doesn’t want to offer delivery because of time constrains and lack of personnel and wish for more tourists to come.


On the customer’s side the main concern was the food quality and customers want to know how long will they have to wait for a table.


Solution and Benefits

Thanks to my familiarity with the area and the history of the region. The solution became apparent. Mobile design is ideal, particularly if you are aiming for tourists. According to the Tourism Office in Santa Cruz I found out that most tourists are Germans or British, so the mobile design translates into German and English.


Location is ideal but unless the tourist can navigate the area the trip could become difficult. The solution I designed calls for a section that will link to Google maps showing the user how to get to Casa Goyo from anywhere in the island. I also recommended Casa Goyo to advertised in the airports and ferry ports typically the entry points where tourist enter the island.



For the last problem I designed a way to know if the there's table available before actually going to the restaurant.


Available in German and English.

 If they are new in town there's an option of using Google maps through Casa Goyo.

Tourists can check the schedule or get into contact with Casa Goyo

 Customers dislike to wait too much.


With the availability section they can check how long will it take according to how many they are.


In keeping to Casa Goyo's working class origin, reservations are prohibited!

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